screenshot of Amy Swift Crosby's website

Blog and portfolio website for brand strategist and copywriter Amy Swift Crosby.

Screenshot of website crowdsourcing ideas for busy parents

Crowdsourcing kids' activity ideas.

screenshot of - podcasts, documentaries and playlists for workouts.


MVP for - podcasts, documentaries and playlists for workouts.

Kristal Pooler Real Estate website screenshot

Kristal Pooler Team

Updated Wordpresss website with new blog-focused custom theme.

FRANK culinary business coming soon website screenshot


Wordpress theme customization and set up with "Coming Soon" teaser page and mailing list sign up CTA.

Voyager Club Luxury Travel and Wardrobe Website Screenshot

Voyager Club

Assisted client with Squarespace design customization and Mailchimp marketing email design/set up.

Run for Amy Website Screenshot

Run For Amy

Wordpress website with race registration and donation system.

Binni Hackett Real Estate Agent Website Screenshot

Binni Hackett Real Estate

Squarespace theme set up and customization.


Smarty Blog

Self-editable Wordpress blog site.

Screenshot of









Olson Lewis + Architects

Self-editable wordpress portfolio site for an architecture firm.




The Dairy Fairy

Big Commerce online store.




Boston Partners

Boston Partners is an investment organization with $78 billion of assets under management. The design of their old website had become dated and it was somewhat confusing to navigate. The client wanted to upgrade the look and feel; they also needed to add key product information frequently sought by clients and staff.

First steps (as always) were to identify the audience for the site, their devices, and use scenarios. What information did they need to access and how could we get it to them faster and more easily? This step took some time to work through as the firm has a wide variety of investment capabilities and publishes many different kinds of documents for each product. The client provided excellent guidance on what was needed and together we worked out a solution.

For product literature we finalized two pages, one for Mutual Funds and one for Separate Accounts which would provide all the relevant documents in an easy-to-understand layout (which resizes automatically for different sized devices).

The document files are regularly updated so I built a custom section on the backend where the client could add/edit/delete products and easily upload or remove files for each one. Requiring only one page visit in the back end this is much easier and more accurate than uploading files to the media library and copying each url over into a post.

We also separated the core product offerings out in the "Investment Capabilities" section, providing each one with a landing page containing information on the investment approach, products, assets under management, team members and experience.

As well as product information, Boston Partners regularly publishes white papers, press releases, commentaries, Q&As and is often featured in the press. We organized these items into two sections, "News" and "Insights" and set up a taxonomy system where the client-side publisher can check a box from the predefined categories and have the post appear in the correct section automatically. Similarly, visitors to the site can easy navigate to all posts in a specific category.

We migrated the site from my server to their in-house dev server and tested it thoroughly before pushing it live on their production server. The IT team at Boston Partners manages the site and all updates in-house and I check-in quarterly to answer any questions and address feature requests.

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Catskill Brewery

Custom Wordpress website for a craft brewery. A key requirement was a full-screen (on all devices) home page illustration with the global navigation in a bar across the bottom of the page. The client provided the illustration and I edited it to allow for vertical extension so that it would fill the screen for the aspect ratio of large monitors and portrait view tablets alike.

I built custom features for the backend (editor) so that the client can add events and also locations and have them display on the frontend (the website) showing specific information in a particular format. To add/edit/delete the client logs in to the Wordpress backend and edits the list in the events or locations section and saves. The results publish automatically on the website.

The client provided some excellent photography, of both the brewery and product shots. We used a parallax effect to show off the great imagery.

This is a one-page site and it includes an embedded, customized Google Map for directions/location.

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JC Social Marketing

Julia Campbell runs a consultancy that helps non-profits get the most out of their online efforts. Julia already had a Wordpress website but the look and feel did not reflect the quality of her services.

We selected a premium Wordpress theme that gave us most of the functionality we wanted, then set about customizing it to meet her requirements. The home page contains and links to brochure-like descriptions of her offerings and the blog section is updated frequently by Julia herself via the Wordpress editor.

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Rimmer Environmental

Website for an environmental consultant based in Newburyport, MA. I used a premium theme and customized the design and functionality according to the client's needs.

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VIP Veterinary Acupuncture

Logo design and website for a veterinary acupuncturist based in Boulder, CO.

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seniors-skiing is a niche online magazine aimed at the over 50 skier and snowboarder. The image shows a working prototype with FPO (for placement only) advertising samples.

I worked with the founders to produce this beta site. We are working on final updates and additions before it is marketed to the public.

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Krystyna Owen Designs

Krys Owen Designs creates custom and one-off jewellery in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. We used Wordpress, Woo Commerce and premium theme customization to create a website that allows for online shopping.

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Scandic Footwear

Scandic is a brand of handcrafted fashion clogs made in New England.

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Tractor Ted USA

Tractor Ted's DVDs are a wonderful series of real-life, educational films all about tractors, animals and farming. My children loved the DVDs and I am now working with the creators to distribute Tractor Ted DVDs and books in North America.

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Ipswich River Watershed Association

A new look for the Ipswich River Watershed Association. The team there was already using Wordpress with success so I designed and developed a new theme for them to update the presentation of key info, calls to action, their blogs and numerous pages of content.

This new theme is responsive which is standard operating procedure at GWD. It being responsive just means that the site adapts the layout and everything works regardless of whether you are on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Together we revamped the information architecture, organizing the information to make the site easier to navigate and use.

Another standard operating procedure here is to install best of breed plugins. There are thousands of plugins out there and many are buggy, bloated and unreliable. Every website I make benefits from top notch plugins for: security, backup, caching, forms, shortcodes, lossless image compression etc. Of these the most crucial plugins are for security and backup. There are many, many attacks on Wordpress sites these days (because of it's popularity) and you can't be too careful.

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Kristal Pooler & Associates

The main challenge on this project was integrating MLS listings into this real estate web site. We spent a lot of time upfront researching wordpress plugins and other solutions before selecting IDX Broker as a service. Using their premium wordpress plugin we were able to include basic and advanced MLS searches with lead generation, by-town and by-category live listings results pages and mapped listings as well as other features.

The website is responsive which should hopefully help house hunters touring the area and we've tried hard to optimize the content so that it will rank highly against the competition.

The clients are able to log in to the backend of the website and upload new listings, create image slideshows and edit pages and blog posts.

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Joppa Charters

Responsive Wordpress website for a fishing charter business.

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national protective systems website

National Protective Systems

The primary goal of the National Protective Systems website is clearly communicate the general nature of their business. We hired an illustrator to produce custom icons as well as an infographic which is animated on the homepage. I customized a premium Wordpress theme from a trusted theme vendor, creating a custom presentation layer for the client based on a robust theme framework featuring many page layout options, shortcodes and other useful features. I selected plugins from my current "best-of" list of tried-and-true plugins for security, backup, usability, seo, analytics etc. The website has plenty of scope for expansion should the client choose to add more content. It is also, being a Wordpress website, one that the client can log into and edit/add/delete elements of by himself.

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Compton Consulting

This responsive (resizes dynamically according to device screen size) Wordpress website is designed to show off the work of a financial PR company. The challenge was to present the work in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate way and to control the presentation of pdf work examples.

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Communications Ink

One of the first Wordpress sites I built was for local marketing agency Communications Ink. I recently upgraded the Wordpress site with a new customized theme that is also responsive (resizes dynamically according to the device a viewer is using - desktop, tablet, mobile etc.).

The client can select work to feature on the homepage and categorize the work that is presented on the portfolio page. There's a nice ajaxed animation that filters the work by category on the portfolio page. The theme also includes blog styling, a slider, contact form and social media integration.

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Reservation Calendar month view

Reservation Calendar modal window

Shared Property Reservation Calendar

I built this web site for a family with a jointly owned beach house. Family members needed to be able to mark a calendar with their usage and be able to reference it 24/7.

Several years ago I built functional calendar using phpeventcalendar as a foundation and hacking it a bit to suit the client's specific needs.

In July 2012 I updated the code a bit, added a bunch of custom features and skinned it with the awesome Bootstrap from Twitter. It's responsive so adjusts to a list view if you access it on a small enough device screen.

I have a long list of features I'd like to add and I'd love to turn it into a Wordpress plugin as I spent years looking for something just like it and never found a solution beyond hacking together my own solution. One for the todo list.

Update! If you found this post because you are searching for a similar solution please check out I finally made it happen in 2019 and it's in use with multiple clients and available to anyone who needs it.

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