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I built this web site for a family with a jointly owned beach house. Family members needed to be able to mark a calendar with their usage and be able to reference it 24/7.

Several years ago I built functional calendar using phpeventcalendar as a foundation and hacking it a bit to suit the client's specific needs.

In July 2012 I updated the code a bit, added a bunch of custom features and skinned it with the awesome Bootstrap from Twitter. It's responsive so adjusts to a list view if you access it on a small enough device screen.

I have a long list of features I'd like to add and I'd love to turn it into a Wordpress plugin as I spent years looking for something just like it and never found a solution beyond hacking together my own solution. One for the todo list.

Update! If you found this post because you are searching for a similar solution please check out I finally made it happen in 2019 and it's in use with multiple clients and available to anyone who needs it.

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